Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mommy Monkey's

The 3 of them are MONKEYS!!! They are all over the place - It is great. Cassidy has been home for over 3 months now and everything is going along smoothly. We have scheduled our homestudy follow up, and we are working with Cassidy everyday on her letters, numbers and phonics. It is amazing how much she already knows!!!
Enjoy some new pictures!!!!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's been so long.....

I know it has been so long, but we are trying to spend as much time with the kids as we can. A few weeks ago we celebrated Cassidy's 4th Birthday. We are not sure that she ever celebrated her birthday before, so we wanted to keep it as quite as possible. Even with the simplest "Cake & Coffee" party, it still was quite taxing on her. (But she has fun).

Everything is getting MUCH MUCH better. The boys & Cassidy are getting along very well, and with the ensuing nice weather, we have been able to spend more and more fun outside. Cassidy is slowly acclimating to our BIG family. It is hard for her in large crowds because she doesn't understand the concept of meeting, greeting, and then leaving. It is the leaving part that is so difficult. It has been on of the few "orphanage" hurdles we have not yet been able to surpass. But, we are working on it.
Otherwise, we are getting ready for our 1st Post Adoption follow up. I am sure we will all pass with flying colors - It is amazing how much Cassidy has integrated us into her life. She has made this a happier, funnier family. It is amazing that she has only been with us for 3 months and already I forget what life was life before her.
I want to wish everyone still in the process GOOD LUCK!!! I know that things have been changing dramatically, but it is ALL WORTH IT in the end.