Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas from the Smith's

We hope that this Chistmas was spent with family and loved ones!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Is it over already????

Today's topic of conversation is ADJUSTMENT.
How are the boys adjusting, Cassidy adjusting, parents, etc.... Well, let's just say the honeymoon is over. And in all honesty I am surprised it has lasted this long. For the first week or so, Max & Ethan have been very conscience of Cassidy, playing with her, helping her - NOW IT IS SIBLING TIME!!!! Yes, that is the time in which we stop playing nice and treat each other as siblings. You know that time right? The time when "NO, that is mine", or "NO, you can't play with that", or "Why do I have to sit and color?". Yes ladies & gentlemen - It is SIBLING TIME in the Smith house. And yes, Cassidy is holding her own. However, that does not mean we don't have fun, because we do. Below are some pictures of tree decorating!!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Trip Home

I think we were ALL ready for the trip home!!! Cassidy was SOOOO good on the plane. I am not sure how she did it. She was awake for the 1st 3 hours of the trip, then she slept for 5 hours, then she was awake for the last 2 hours.

Moscow Pics

Our trip to Moscow was very nice. We visited the histocial Red Square & The Kremlin. We even stumbled across a memorial dedication. The Russian Army band was very Impressive!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

What a day.....

What a day this has been. It started off a cold and dreary day, but it was better to be outside then trapped in a hotel room with a bored 3 year old. So we borrowed an umbrella and took a walk to Red Square. Cassidy walked most of the way, so we tired her out early!!! Then we met up with Kathy & Anya and were off to the US Embassy for our interviews. On the way over, you could see how tired Cassidy was.

Once we were at the US Embassy she and Anya played and walked around while directions and information were handed out to the parents. Cassidy has become very attached to Anya, and when we had to bring her with us to the interview she had a meltdown to be taken away from Anya. (Plus she was tired & had no nap today). Then after the interview she threw a fit because Anya was not there. I feel so bad - she is so tired, cranky, and doesn't really understand what is going on.

Needless to say, all our plans for the evening went KABOSH after the US Embassy. We were suppose to meet up with Dan, April & Ava for dinner, but because of Cassidy's meltdowns we thought it best to go straight back to the hotel (DAN, APRIL & AVA - Sorry!!!!). Thankfully, we did go back to the hotel, because once we got out of the van and said goodbye to Kathy & Anya, Cassidy had a FULL FLEDGED meltdown. She refused to eat dinner, she refused to get her PJ's on, and she is currently refusing to go to bed. (WHAT A NIGHT).

Anyway, I believe we are all set to return home tomorrow. We can't wait. We miss the boys and our family!

Please say a prayer that all goes well -

A Day in Moscow

Yesterday we spent the day visiting around Moscow. We met Kathy & Anya Roberts (who we went to the medicals with). Anya is 12 years old and a true joy!!! She was wonderful with Cassidy. They had a lot of fun in the car. Hopefully they will be able to come to dinner with us after the embassy this afternoon. Cassidy has been talking about Anya all morning.

This evening was just as eventful. We had dinner with Dan, April & Ava Isreal. They introduced us to this great little American Diner called the Starlight Diner. The food was very good. and it was close to the hotel. The walk there was pretty, we got to see all the sites along the way.

And Ava - What a CUTIE Ava is. She laughed, smiled and looks just like her papa. She is very attached to April. You can certainly see the bond already forming between mommy & daughter.

Today we have our interview at the US Embassy at 2pm. Afterwards we hope to go to dinner with Kathy, Anya, April, Dan & Ava. It should be a fun night!!!
I will post more pictures later.
Stephanie, Dennis & Cassidy

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I apologize for taking so long to update the site. We have been very busy keeping Cassidy WORN OUT!!!! We have gone for long walks, playgrounds, running around the apartment. Below are some pictures from our trip to the Planyetta Mall. They have one of the nicest kids playgrounds that I have seen in a mall. ENJOY!!!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008


Can you say COLD!!!!!!! It was -15 degrees here today - and what did we do? We went and played outside! Yes, we may be slightly brain damaged but there is only so long that you can stay cooped up in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment. Our trip outside only lasted about 1 hour, but at least it was some exercise.

Tomorrow is suppose to be colder!!! Wonder what we will do then. Maybe take a trip to the Planyetta Mall.
Enjoy your day,

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sleep - It's Over Rated

Well, at least that is what Dennis and I are telling ourselves. We are not sure what the problem is, but Cassidy REFUSES to sleep. The battles begin as soon as she see's the bed. We understand it is unrealistic to expect that she will sleep through the night, or that she can sleep by herself (coming from sleeping with 11 other children) however, we did expect some sleep. Last night we gave her a bath, calmed down, and then pulled out the bed - only to have her go into a FIT of RAGE, screaming, crying, hitting, etc - Finally, somewhere after 2 hours of this, she finally calmed down and slept for 2 hours. Yes, you read right - 2 hours!!! And no, she has not slept since - Dennis and I had to take turns staying awake. As you can imagine, we are hoping that tonight is slightly different. So, that was the NOT so fun part of our evening, let me tell you about the funny part.

Cassidy can EAT!!! Between her brothers and her, Dennis and I will be working for the food bill. Last night she ate 2 helpings of carrots, a whole potato and 3 pieces of London Broil - and we had to stop her from more for fear her belly would get upset. Later that evening she had yogurt for snack. This is a good sign that hopefully she will put some weight on.
Currently, according to the orphanage she is a whopping 26lbs (seriously, her clothes are falling off of her). I brought all 4T's with us, and they are all TOO big. Thankfully her cords and jeans have the adjustable waist so we have tightened then as much as possible, tuck in her shirts, and roll up the bottoms.

Anyway, tonight is a new night, and I am sure a new battle. Hopefully Dennis and I will be able to implement some of the hard lessons we learned (from last night) to make tonight easier.

We will continue to keep you posted.
Stephanie (and Dennis)

Saturday, November 29, 2008