Tuesday, June 9, 2009

6 months.....

We have been home 6 months now - What a whirlwind this ride has been. Dennis and I have learned so much from this journey and we hope that we can continue to inspire and share with our family & friends.

Life with Cassidy has been fun, exciting, exhausting and emotionally challenging. Add 2 boys into that mix and you get one crazy house!!!! The boys, as I have said in earlier posts have taken to Cassidy incredibly. Max is the older, wiser brother, while Ethan is her play friend. Cassidy loves them both, but unlike the orphanage, not everything in our house is fair. The questions have started coming - WHY!!! Why do I have to go bed and Ethan & Max stay up later? Why can't I go outside if Ethan & Max are playing outside? Why can't I get new shoes if Ethan and Max get new shoes? Why can't I go to the movies if Max & Ethan get to go to the movies? Our answers - " Cause Life Ain't Fair".

It is easy to forget that she has not always been with us, and like her, we too are adjusting to her personality. With Max & Ethan we had a large influence in the development of their personality's and what was right, wrong, fair, unfair, mean, childish, unacceptable, and proper. With Cassidy, she came "as is." She has her own personality, primarily influenced from the 3+ years in the orphanage, and her own way of doing things. For us, that has been the hardest part, remembering that she is her own individual, and no matter how long we were waiting for her, she has only been here 6 months - and we can't expect everything to be perfect all the time. But honestly for the most part, it has been wonderful!!!