Friday, August 28, 2009

So much to catch up on.....

I apologize for lacking on my blog page... I know I have so much to catch everyone up on. Where to begin? I guess with Cassidy's eye surgery. As most know, Cassidy had very bad strabismus with some nerve damage on both eyes. The Dr & staff were wonderful and have corrected about 60% of her eye's. She still has some difficulties, and will most likely require another surgery, but her sight is dramatically improved. She was the hit of the ER. She brought Cassidy Meisha and he did EVERYTHING with her. If she got her blood pressure taken, so did he. If she got a cap & gown, so did he. It was the best. Then they told her that she was going to get to blow up a balloon. She was so excited about it she practically RAN to the Operating Room. (She wasn't as happy when she came out)
In about 3 weeks her eyes healed up nicely and we took the kids to the Cole Circus. (why didn't anyone warm me that the Big Top should really be call Sweat Top? It was soooo hot under the tent!!! I was actually HAPPY when Cassidy had to run to the bathroom every 10 minutes.
Then all too soon came time for school - Cassidy's 1st day of Pre-K! She had so much fun. She was very excited to use her new Dora backpack and lunch box. She is meeting new friends and she truly looks forward to going. She tells us EVERYTHING that happens. It amazes me that this is the same kid we brought home 8 months ago!!!!