Monday, December 22, 2008

Is it over already????

Today's topic of conversation is ADJUSTMENT.
How are the boys adjusting, Cassidy adjusting, parents, etc.... Well, let's just say the honeymoon is over. And in all honesty I am surprised it has lasted this long. For the first week or so, Max & Ethan have been very conscience of Cassidy, playing with her, helping her - NOW IT IS SIBLING TIME!!!! Yes, that is the time in which we stop playing nice and treat each other as siblings. You know that time right? The time when "NO, that is mine", or "NO, you can't play with that", or "Why do I have to sit and color?". Yes ladies & gentlemen - It is SIBLING TIME in the Smith house. And yes, Cassidy is holding her own. However, that does not mean we don't have fun, because we do. Below are some pictures of tree decorating!!!!


Carey and Norman said...

Your honeymoon latest longer than ours :o) They will come around. It just takes awhile to get use to a new person living with you day in and out. Glad they are becoming normal siblings!!

Merry Christmas.

Geoff and Karey said...

Hey, that sounds a lot like our house!! I love the pictures.

Cindy said...

Awww, your daughter is so sweet! She's just adorable. And I saw a glimpse in one of your pics of your dog and he/she looks exactly like my Honey. 15 yr old cocker spaniel who has been my baby all these years and who I will be heartbroken about when it's her time to go. Vika is loving her as much as I do now, too. Congrats on your first Christmas together!